Tips || Flat Lay

Awww! This confused me at first but honestly I think I have joined the google search gang, lol! The first day I heard and saw the word Flat lay on social media (Instagram) I went totally off track. So am going to be showing and telling you what a flat lay really is.

• Its basically a new style of taking photos trending on Instagram which Fashion,beauty, and lifestyle bloggers are using, a flat lay is basically ( I use that word a lot 🙈) when you are shooting items from directly above, or an upward direction and typically the background should be really plain and flat.

These are some examples of flat lays which I did 👇🏼

• A few tips on taking a super duper nice flat lay1. The background- of course it has to be solid e.g. Dinning table, bedding basically anything flat

2. A cardboard/ A4 paper could also do the trick because of the plain and white background.

3. Do a little bit of styling to make it look visually appealing.

4. Pay attention to your lightening, natural light is better. So when doing your flat lay you can move closer to the window or when outside probably a restaurant choose a place filled with enough natural light.

5. Make sure your camera is upward, totally above the items you are shooting, you might like to climb on a sturdy chair or on your bed to get a nice shot, take the photo making the camera as straight and flat as possible.

6. Play around with your flat lay photos, take as many as possible that way u would be able to choose the ones to edit and delete the ones you won’t be needing.

How I edit my flat lay photos- Editing the photos to almost perfection these are the apps I would recommend and of course the phone 📱

• I used iPhone 6s, the back camera, please be sure to clean it properly, a lot of people make the mistake of not cleaning before taking pictures.

• Download Facetune 2 and snapseed for smoothing and whitening your photos and backgrounds, snapseed can also be used with Android phones

It’s not difficult trust me! I play a lot with my flat lays and you would see the fun in it just as I did.

Photo credit: The Eastern Magic ❤️


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