20 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

I would be honest, blogging is not as easy as you may think it is. Even the most successful bloggers always scout for blog post ideas, especially when you have a lifestyle, fashion and beauty blog like I do.

I came up with a selection of blog post ideas, I know most of you would be interested. Yea I know what you might be thinking, I haven’t actually written on most of these blog post topics but I soon will anyways. BUT….

Woman’s too lazy these days 😫


1. Why you started blogging

2. What you have learned from blogging

3. 10 Things you should know about me

4. What applications are on your phone for editing your pictures

5. How you edit your pictures for Instagram

6. What is your favorite holiday

7. Your skincare routine

8. A typical day in your life

9. Your favorite fashion accounts on Instagram

10. How you scout for amazing location for your photos

11. Current Obsession

12. The story behind your blog name

13. How you styled a particular outfit in several ways

14. Review a product you have tried out.

15. How you plan your photoshoots

16. How you take your flat-lay pictures

17. Wardrobe Essentials

18. The online stores you shop from.

19. Talk about items you bought and regretted you did.

20. Best ways to shop on a budget

So Squad, that is all FOR NOW! will be coming up with more as frequently as I can, and I hope I can still write on some of these topics soon.


Your Favorite_ @theeasternmagic

My Humble Self 🌚


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