5 reminders that you are worth it || Quote of the day.

Hey guys so it’s been a while a posted, I have honestly been busy with a few things.

I have met and been with a few people and from my findings, they have this “backward” view about themselves, just because the other person has it all, does not mean you are worth less or cannot also attain the same level. And am saying this in a very positive way of course.

So am going to be sharing a few tips why you need to always remember that you are actually worth it.

1. Stop listening to what people say about your body, and also do not focus on how other people’s bodies look like. Looks can be deceiving trust me, especially the social media hype, it’s not even what it looks like. Try to love you the way you are.

2. Focus on accomplishments that has to do with you as a person.

3. Comparison; if there is one thing we all need to stop doing, it is comparing ourselves with the next person. It is the most hurtful thing you could actually do to yourself. Even some of the most successful people fall under this spell of COMPARISON. Instead of trying to be like the other person, why not be inspired and motivated by them.

4. Stop believing every negative thing your mind tells you, you alone have control over your thoughts. The thoughts of our mind can be very powerful and influential. Every time you have a negative thought, try to sum them all up with the good things you have done in life, all your achievements and all the trials you have overcome. THINKING POSITIVELY IS LIVING A POSITIVE LIFE.

5. Be more concerned about progression rather than being perfect. And by this I mean, the act of always trying to get everything right can bring about frustration, when things do not actually work out as planned. We tend to feel worthless and hate ourselves.

Fall in love with your person and be more open to positive things, get rid of the toxic.





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8 thoughts on “5 reminders that you are worth it || Quote of the day.

  1. This was lovely to read. I’ve found out that when I’m feeling low about myself, saying or reading these words while making myself the subject makes everything better… So much better.


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