Style Inspo|| Camisole over white tees.

Hello guys, it’s a Tuesday and honestly this post was not even planned, slept last night and woke up and I was feeling inspired. I thought about this look

“Camisole over a tee-shirt, leather skirt and sneakers”

If anybody had walked up to me in the past with this style and asked to try it, sincerely I would tell the person that he/ she was not alright but viola! It’s actually bizarre how it’s à la mode and by that I mean in Vogue.

Am trying it out myself by myself 😁. It’s just a very basic look u can try out yourself u can style it which ever u want ⬇️


Anyways I paired mine over a basic white tee shirt.

Have u tried this look before, hope people did not think it was bizzare??

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Stay belle/beau ❣️


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