8 Things Every girl in her 20’s should know

We meet again guys, it been a few days after Valentines and well………………………….

This post today mostly concerns the girls, so the boys should please give us space 😁.

Being in your 20’s means you are now considered an adult and full grown woman, you being in your 20’s is a very crucial time in your life as a woman. It is a moment of transition and self discovery; it is during these periods you graduate, get a job, start-up a profit business, try to move out of the clutches of your parents 😤 and build a relationship.

Your 20’s are some of the most exciting years when u feel u could actually do anything and be yourself without control or directives from parents or guardians.

So to ensure we all Maximize the opportunities and not be misdirected and never forsake one moment during these years I have come up with 8 tips for you all my ladies. ❣️

Dress to Impress

At this point in our lives we have fully grown into our bodies, now it’s time to accept your body, whether small or plus size and all it’s beautiful and unique assets by dressing accordingly. It’s time to experience, experiment and learn what works best for your body type. Accepting what goes well with your body shape and size will help you look and feel your best + Confidence is the key 🔑

Manage your budget

At this point you begin to feel like a boss, controlling the money that comes in and out of your pocket, at this age it is important to learn how to manage your budget for rent, bills, utilities and of course money for you wardrobe and your wishlist. And savings can be a little hard but with time u would adapt.

“Save up for the Rainy days”

Keep your skin young

I personally always get compliments on how I look, when some people ask how old I am, they tend to drop their jaws 😂, at first I did not like this because I felt kinda uncomfortable in my body I wished I was bigger but with time I feel in love with my stature, my skin and myself. I realized being young, having a young face and young skin is an added advantage for me in almost everything I do. While your skin may look great it is important to keep it that way, for those who love makeup please wipe off your makeup before bedtime do not go to bed with your makeup on.

Tips on how to wipe off your makeup easily

Coconut oil

• Baby wipes

It’s works so well for me, it automatically wipes off everything.

Just pour a little bit of the coconut oil on your baby wipes or whichever face wipes you use and there, it’s Gone! 😁

Cherish your Friends

I personally do not keep a lot of friends but the few ones I have I love and cherish them a lot and they know it. But most of the time when you open up yourself for some of these friends they tend to take you for granted. Guys will come and go but a solid group of female friends will not and they will always be there to help you pull through abusive relationships.

Don’t Make the same mistakes twice

At this stage mistakes are bound, but it’s important to know that it’s not just about making the mistakes, but rather learning from the lessons these mistakes bring along.

Stand up for yourself

As a young woman, you should know when to speak up for yourself, tell your friend when she is treating you in a way you do not like ( or else you do not care). Remember you are strong and independent do not let anyone put you down.

Know how to take a compliment

When someone tells you, You are Beautiful. Accept it, say THANK YOU. Accepting a compliment unveils your confidence and comfort in your own self. Which is an attractive quality in a woman.

You do not always have to be right

Most times it’s hard to know when to set your stubbornness aside (am guilty of this). It takes a lot of effort to learn this lesson. You will come across situations and people who would really piss you off and u will be wishing you could do worse to them, but maturity is the ability to walk away.

I hope I was able to make you understand somethings about your age. Do not hold back on the opportunities these years will bring. Stay strong, stay beautiful, independent and confident.

If your are in your 20’s right now or even older, what would your advice about these years be??

Please share In the comment section below👇🏼


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