20 things about me

Hello guys so we finally in the month of February.. yikes January took like 10years to end, February started very well tho weekend followed immediately… I want to share with you all things about me that even I myself laugh about them.

And guys thank you all so much for the comments I really appreciate it makes me feel am not alone in this thank y’all ❀️

Almost every blogger does this, so let’s have fun getting to know more about me.


1. Am a sucker for Philipino and Mexican telenovelas

2. Funtime for me is sleeping, eating, watching movies and using my phone

3. I am not a book warm, I read to pass.

4. My worse Chores are washing and ironing but u can never catch me outside with a dirty or rumpled clothes

5. I always clean the toilet seat before using it. My partner in this one is Baptista 😝

6. I love to wear Ballerinas

7. Am slim but I eat allloootttt

8. My Zodiac sign is LEO

9.My dream country is FRANCE (Paris)

10. I check my phone first every morning before I pray ( sinful )

11. My all time favorite gospel artist is Nathaniel Bassey

12. I cannot cook with dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, if I was meant to spend 30mins cooking, I might go 50 mins because I have to clean first

13. I love dogs but am scared of them (German Shepherds) hoping to overcome my fears soon

14. I listen to music a lot

15. Am in Love (shy πŸ™ˆ)

16. Am not a lover of the color pink, I love red|black and white

17. I love to travel but never been on a plane πŸ˜‚

19. I watch wrestling but I can’t fight, Roman Reigns got my heart.

20. I can hardly leave home without my phone.

So I finally did it been wanting to post this for a while now. Thanks for reading x_o

Hope you all enjoyed getting to know me, let me know somethings about you too by commenting ❀️


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