Best Foundations and a review of my top 5

Hello! Happy New month I didn’t even realize yeeeyyyy first post of the month, hope the day is actually going well for you all. Honestly I can’t even lie blogging is not easy even the best bloggers sit down to think of interesting topics to write about.

So I was thinking why not do a review on Foundations generally while picking up a few top 5 I really love, I hope y’all will find this helpful while choosing your Foundations.

Courtesy: Google search 😝

So going straight to my own review and PS: The photos are mine 😊

β€’ EVEN TRUE BLACK OPAL FOUNDATIONThis review is actually based on the foundations I have personally tried on myself. I had not really tried or heard about this Foundation until just yesterday and OMG! It is matte totally oil free, well almost every good foundation now is matte and oil freeπŸ™„ but this foundation is really matte and its full coverage as well, it is skin brightening and fragrance free. Foundations with strong fragrance is bad for a sensitive skin, I don’t use them because it causes rashes on my face so be mindful.

β€’ FIT ME! Maybelline Foundation The first time my friends and I saw a makeup artist in a tutorial video using this Foundation and all the things she said about it, I started idolizing it I never stopped talking about it to others but then after I tried it….actually one thing about people who have an oily face is that you are never totally satisfied with any Foundation, u always try to look for another one higher and better. FIT ME is a great foundation I will recommend it to anybody πŸ‘πŸΌ and it served its purpose for me.

β€’ MARY KAY There are actually two types of MARY KAY foundations which I know about currently I do not know if there are others though.

i. Mary Kay Timewise Luminous wear ps: I don’t own one yet but i have a close friend who does I tried it and I loved it, it’s matte and oil free as well but I don’t really have much to say about this Foundation.

ii. The second type is Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation, ever since I started using makeup or even got to hear about Timewise, i have always known about this particular Foundation and Gwaaaddd the fake is every where if u do not know about Foundations u will get cheated, these fake ones do not even have numbers and they have this yellow mellow kinda color and it’s very oily ooooohhhh FADA! I hated Mary KAY foundations until I found the original, the good ones are matte and it gives you this flawless finish I have started loving it. ❀️

β€’ L’OREAL TRUE MATCH LOL! The only reason I hate this Foundation is just because it’s really small, you don’t actually need much on your face. I call it Small but mighty, it’s an all day Foundation.

PS: If I didn’t mention any of the foundations you use, it doesn’t mean yours are not good as long as it good for you then it’s perfect, what works for you might not work for me or vice versa. And every Foundation comes in different shades and skin tone so pls find yours.


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